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Together at the Top

Job Interview Prep

Here to lift you up!

Job Interview Prep is essential to improving your job interview skills and landing that job. Our interview prep includes:

  • 45-60 minute interview with video recording.

  • Personalized Interview scorecard and First Impressions Interview Reference guide.

  • Practice behavioral and situational interview questions. Practice interview questions relevant to the positions your applying for. 

  • Dress for success and non-verbal communications: what to wear, body language and facial expressions, tone of voice. 

Boosts your Confidence.

Say goodbye to the interview jitters!  Interview prep will get you prepared so you will be ready for those tough interview questions.

Prepares you for Behavioral and Situational Interview questions.

Behavioral and situational interview questions are pretty common in the interview process. If your not prepared, these questions can be tricky and take you by surprise. We'll practice the best answers to these challenging questions.

Practice Makes Perfect.

First Impressions provides feedback in a supportive learning environment. We practice several times and record the interviews to use as a learning tool.

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